RotaExata Rastreamento veicular





Dracares operates with several boats supporting the activities of coastal and offshore environmental protection and monitoring. Through partnerships with research institutes and domestic and foreign shipyards, it develops and adapts specific ships for each function desired, always emphasizing innovation and optimization of resources and processes.

Dracares Operations:
  • Oil spill combat vessels;
  • Seismic chase boats;
  • Environmental data collection boats;
  • Research vessels;
  • Vessels for bathymetry;
  • Owned and Chartered Vessels (PSVs, OSRVs, Chasers).


Maritime Support:
  • Escort for Seismic Ship;
  • Transportation of People and Equipment.

Port Support:
  • Aid in Mooring Maneuvers;
  • Support for Dredging and Bathymetry;
  • Adaptation of Vessels.


Emergency Activities:
  • Basic Response Management;
  • Crisis Control;
  • Combating Marine and Land Pollution.


To ensure promptness and response to emergencies with oil spillage, we offer complete solutions, aiding our customers to fulfill all legal requirements efficiently and safely.

  • Readiness (dedicated or shared system) and handling of emergencies;
  • Operation of Emergency Response Centers;
  • Response to Oil Leakage and Cleaning Services for incidents of Tiers 1, 2 and 3;
  • Preventive measures;
  • Oil collection equipment System and Maintenance;
  • Chartering of vessels;
  • Specialize crew;
  • Supply of crew for unmanned ships.
  • Basic Emergency Management